Monday, December 5, 2011

A sneak peak at Christmas pictures

Spoiler Alert!  If you look at the following pictures you will not be surprised when you get our Christmas card!

We got the Christmas tree up this weekend and decided to take some pictures for our Christmas card.  I was happy with how the pictures of Gus turned out...and I debated to send out a card with just him.  Oh well.  Enjoy!  And happy Advent session!

I guess I will just do this: We used a few of these pictures in the Christmas card.  You will have to wait to receive your card to find out which ones made the cut!

First we took some pictures of Gus in front of the tree.  He is playing with a plastic ornament.  Check out how good he is getting at sitting up!

Then Dad got in on the action.

Then Santa got in on the action...

And, I'm not a fan of how these turned out, but we tried a few with the pretty snow that fell on Saturday night...hummm...good thing it is the beginning of winter and we will be able to try this again.

Gus's BIG smile!

And finally we did some family shots.  Here are several of them.  Many did not turn out very good.

And then I showered and we decided to try it again.

Thanks for stopping by...and just so you know, this is the third post I put up today.

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