Monday, December 19, 2011

Cross Christmas Camp

Well, we are back from a big weekend with my mom's side of the family: Cross Christmas Camp.  Like always, the weekend was full of people, food, games, presents, more food, drama, more food and Catholicism.  It was the 40h anniversary of my mom's family joining the Church, so we celebrated and even had mass said for us at the Camp.  Grandpa dressed up as Santa, we ate until we were sick, we did a craft, we decorated cookies and we talked, talked, talked.  Also, every year there are more and more kids.  Gus was the 18th great-grandchild on this side of the family, and there have been two more born since him, bringing the final count to 20 (with 3 more babies due in 2012!).  Gus was a great baby this weekend, even while being passed from one Auntie to another.  He smiled, and talked and snuggled, and didn't mind being kept up a little later than usual.

Here are some pictures.  There will be more added soon!

Mass at the camp, said by a good friend of my Grandparents.

The Crosses, or atleast those that could make it (and didn't miss the picture because they were on a beer run!).  My sister Maria and her family, and little sister Susan weren't at camp this year.  Lots of people were there, but lots were missing too.  But, all of the surviving of my mom's siblings were there (a total of 10).  Can you find me, Bill and Gus?!?

The three 2011 babies: Grace and her baby Ruby (2.5 mo.), Me and Gus, Heather and her daughter Greta (5 weeks).

With the Priest that was there when my mom's family entered the Church.

David and baby Jesus.

It was a great weekend, but we are home now and gearing up for our big trip to PA!  There is still a lot left to do!

Love, Nancy and Gus

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