Friday, May 29, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

First Part of May Picture Dump

I am once again behind sharing pictures here.  With Bill gone to Geneva for 2 weeks I thought it was high time I got the pictures off my camera and actually shared them.  So, here they are.  Enjoy.

A few May Day pictures.

A few pictures of cleaning up the yard.  Gus was a big help!

A few pictures of the first time we broke out the swimming pool this year!

Dommy at 11 months

On Mother's Day I took Gus to Peter Pan at the Children's Theater.  It was awesome!

And we've been playing Peter Pan around here every since!

A few pictures of some out-door art projects.

Our May Crowning

And, we are down on the farm now!  It's mostly rainy, but we've some a few good times outside!

Gus and Dave in the Lanoue's Tree House.

Bernadette sitting out by the pig barn getting some work done and chatting with Daddy on the phone.

We miss you Bill!
Nancy, Gus, Berna and Dommy