Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Major Picture Dump!

I am so sorry I have been so slacky on this blog.  Prepare yourself!  Here come the massive picture dump.  I will try to add some narration so that this makes a little more sense.

Baby girl and some lilacs

Shopping trip to Sam's Club!

Baby gets a wild ride in the swing

Gus helps daddy grill up some wings in his new apron

And, we have really, really been enjoying watermelon this summer!

And then, while Bill was traveling for work, we headed to Marshall and has some fun with Ruth, her kids and my parents.

Ruth and Rose

Baby girl loves to swing!

Hanging out at Ruth's

We also went for a dip at a State Park.  Since Gus is such a wild man around water I didn't get very many pictures...

And, at Ruth's house there are baby kitties!  We got some good shots with the baby girl!

Then we went for a walk in the pasture.  Gus loves his Grandma!

Then, whether he wanted to or not, David was determined that Gus learn to ride a bike.

 And here are some pictures of the little stinker himself--shorting his long hair. 
 I took some more cute ones today, and I will try to get them up here soon!

--nancy, bill, Gus and BB

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pool Playdate

Here are some pictures from this morning!  We had some fabulous friends over for a playdate, and even though it wasn't very sunny, the kids took advantage of the pool.  We are so happy that JoAnn and Mathias were able to join us!  Welcome home!





Aren't they a cute bunch?  Thanks for coming over ladies!
Nancy, Gus and Bernadette.

A few family pictures

Before Bill's family took off we snapped a few family pictures.  Enjoy!

3 generations! 

One beautiful baby!

This past Saturday we had a fun meal out on the deck.  Here's Gus sporting his new apron, and giving dad a hand with the grill.

And we enjoyed some watermelon for dessert.
One more post coming up!

Gus turns 2: The Birthday that went on and on!

First of all, I am so sorry that I have fallen so far behind on this blog!  Gus celebrated a birthday weeks ago, and I have yet to share those photos.  So, I will be posting a few different posts today.  Enjoy!
First of all, we had a tiny celebration on Gus's actual birthday.  We had some friends over for a playdate and I made cookies.  But Gus was still happy to blow out a few candles.  

He just needed a little help with the blowing!

That Sunday we were all together for mass and we went to play at the park afterward.

Bernadette had fun there too!

And...Gus was having fun until Daddy insisted on taking a picture with both kids!

After the park we headed over to Bill's Uncle and Aunt's house, where Bill snapped a few pictures of me and the baby.

And, before we knew it, Baba and Pappy and Mimi and Pops came to visit.  Nothing could have kept Pops from getting down of the floor and playing with Gus!

As a birthday treat, Baba and Pappy got Gus a swimming pool!  He had fun playing out there with his new swim trunks from Aunt Amy and Tina!

We also made sure to stop by our Community Center pool while Baba and Pappy were visiting.  Bernadette is going to be a little fish, just like her brother!

Gus also proved to be a big help in the kitchen.  He and Baba made perogies! 

One afternoon Gus set to work making a SUPER card for his daddy.  He loves to paint!

We also spent lots of good time at the park.

And then, on Saturday, we celebrated Gus's birthday again, this time with a fork-lift cake the Baba made!

This time he had mastered blowing out the candles all by himself!
Thanks, and I'll be back with more pictures in a few minutes here!