Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving and after...

Once again, I am WAY behind sharing picture here.  Since I am also WAY behind with posts on the other blog, this is going to be quick. Sorry.  Enjoy the pictures!

Little girl with pig tails!

The next several pictures are from our trip to PA for Thanksgiving.

Pealing potatoes with Bernadette.

The cousins ready for the game Thanksgiving day!

Giving Baby Maddox a kiss.

With Baba!  What a bunch of characters!

So, I never thought I would be part of one of those families that all put on jerseys for family pictures...but it turns I am!

with her godmother!

And then, the next day we celebrated Mimi and Pops' 60th wedding anniversary!

And Gus found a new best friend, Marcus.

The cousins

The great-grandkids.  As you can tell, it was difficult getting ANYONE to look at the camera in this group!

The Berkshire Family

The Bandzuch Family

The Lukach Family

The Bandzuch family with Mom Mom


Gus catching a ride!

All tired out from all the pictures.  Poor kid!

With Aunt Paula, right before we left.

And then we ended our trip to PA with a long drive home.

Next up,  a few pictures from Gus's good friend Micah's 2nd Birthday party on Saturday!

I know some boys who are ready for some cake!!!

After Micah's birthday, we headed to another party!  and, there were mustaches!

Bernadete and Sarah!

with mom-to-be Becky.

Okay, finally.  These last three pictures are from my (failed) attempt at taking some Christmas pictures this afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed, and, as always, feel free to steal anything you like!