Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Pictures

Okay, so I'm spoiling you.  2 posts in 2 days. 

We had a beautiful evening at the local state park and with the fall colors, well, it was a lot of fun taking some photos.  Enjoy!

These first few pictures I took yesterday.  They combined the field around my parent's house and we went out to take some pictures...but both kids weren't really into it.  Gus was REALLY not into it.

Much better moods, and better pictures today.

And then the Lanoues showed up.

Hey--maybe I'll be back tomorrow with some more pictures (maybe).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the neglected blog...

I am so sorry that I have started to neglect this blog so terribly!  The other blog, I fear, is taking over my life!  BUT, after much "encouragement" from my husband last night, I am here to share loads of pictures from the last month and a half.  Enjoy!

Gus playing in his bed-sheet fort

the new (and much loved) cozy coop

Time with daddy before he left for Australia.  A beautiful September evening at the beach.

And a sweet boy in a saggy diaper.

Aunt Barbie and Bernadette

Our annual family picture.
The next pictures are from our trip to Kansas to see the Little Sisters of the Lamb and my little sister, Susan.
Bernadette LOVED Alma!

The first night we arrived.

Gus and Rose--taking a break from toddler wars.

Partners in crime--Gus and Dave.

All dressed up and with Grandpa.

Susan with Bernadette

Like I said, she LOVED Alma.  (PS--she looks good in blue, right?)
Back on the farm and playing in the mud.

Picking Apples for Applesauce.

Yeah!  having fun on the numm numm tractor.

Back home and having fun with daddy at the park.

Bernadette at the Community Center playing.

We visited our friends that bought a house about an hour from us--that sits on about 40 acres.  Beautiful.  We took a family pic and Gus and Billy took the 4-wheeler for a ride.

Back on the farm (taken just yesterday)

the girls.

Gus getting his first chance to finger paint!

Taken just this morning.  Gus in the new loader tractor in his special seat!

Can you see Gus in there with his Grandpa?

Busy loading feed.  He is in heaven.
Okay, I am going to try to be better and share more pictures more often.  But, for now, enjoy!