Friday, December 16, 2011

A quick trip to Marshall

It was a quick trip, but Gus and I had some action-packed days.  We headed down on Wednesday morning.  After lunch with my parents my mom and I got to work on a banner for mass celebrating my mom's family being Catholic for 40 years.  That evening I had dinner with my Grandma Anne, helped her decorate her house, and then Gus took an hour long bath at Grandma Anne's house, supplying some good after dinner entertainment for everyone.  We (including Gus) stayed up late talking with Grandma Anne until 10pm!

Thursday we had breakfast with my mom and dad, but then headed into town for Ruth's 20 week ultrasound, since her husband was unable to come (wow, it is different when it is the 4th and not the 1st!).  The baby was perfect and that was fun.  Then Gus and I went and picked up David the wild man from preschool, running into Simon and Mary as they headed to lunch.  From there we headed back to the farm where my mom had a mini-Thanksgiving meal (since we weren't together on Thanksgiving, and won't be together for Christmas).  We ate quick and then headed back into town for the Holy Redeemer Christmas Concert featuring Simon and Mary (as a cute talking mouse).  Afterward my dad took everyone out to ice cream (just like he used to do when I was the little kid in the concert).  Then I went to help my mom with some computer stuff.  I had planned to stop by Ruth's house to check out her addition, but by this point both Gus and I were spent and I decided to just get on the road and get back to my husband!

Here are a few pictures that my mom took while we were home.  Enjoy!

Gus wearing his new hat Grandma gave him, playing with Herbie.  This is Gus's all time favorite place to sit, in from of the glass door at my parent's house.

Grandma and Gus in front of their Christmas tree.

Gus' first bubble sink!  He loved it!

Taking a "nap" with Pumpa...I think Pumpa is a better napper than Gus!

Pumpa and his buddy.

Gus sitting on the banner my mom and I made.  It isn't finished yet in this picture.

Gus watching the Christmas Concert!

Gus and his cousins after the concert, and after all the ice cream was inhaled!  

We hope you are all doing well.  We are all packed and headed off to Cross Christmas Camp tonight.  We will be there until Sunday afternoon.  Then we are racing back to our house where we will be hosting a mini-Christmas for my immediate family.  It is going to be busy, but it is going to be fun.

Take care, 
Nancy and Gus

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