Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A visit from Aunt Tina

This last week Aunt Tina came to visit!  We had a good time and I managed to snap just a few pictures.  Tina was welcomed to Kansas City with plastic bead necklaces and beautiful door signs made especially for her, as well as 3 very grubby excited kids.

As a special treat we had ice cream shortly after she arrived.

Then we headed out and showed her the swing set.

Gus and Bernadette were happy to show off their new pumping skills.

 And Gus showed Tina what he as learned at gymnastics.

Bill and Tina took the kids to Lego Land (mom skipped) on Friday but we had a nice family day on Saturday.  We ended up going to a wonderful park near us.  The kids played and then we all went on a nice walk.  The weather was perfect.

We even attempted to get a family picture.  

And what family day in Kansas City would be complete without some Kansas City BBQ?  We found a great restaurant with a private area of the patio we had all to ourselves, totally fenced in so we could enjoy our meal while the kids ran wild.  It was heaven.  

We are so glad you came Tina and you are missed!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Few Silly April Shots of the Family

Dominic and Bernadette snuggling after a morning bath and pretending to chat with daddy and grandpa on some old ipods they've found around the house.

Some pictures with daddy down by the lake.

And a few pictures of what we do the most--swing.  Swing for hours every day.

Gus finally mastering pumping!  Yay!

Lots of Love.  We Miss you all!
Nancy, Bill, Gus, Berna, Dom and Baby