Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day

We were happy to celebrate Jacob's second birthday on Monday.  It was a beautiful day, the bubbles were flying, the burgers were grilling, and there were lots of good friends to enjoy time with.  Gus had a good time too.  He thought Jacob was very interesting.  And, he had some fun toys!

Ross and Ava

A grumpy birthday boy.

After a nice Memorial day it has been back to the grind around here.  The weather is a little chilly, but hopefully it will be warming up soon.

Nancy and Gus

Last Pictures with Bill's Family

Well, all trips must come to an end.  It was a wonderful time with family and here are a few pictures we took just before everyone left for the airport.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The big party!

On Saturday we had what turned out to be a big 1st birthday party for Gus.  All sorts of people came: family, friends, neighbors...  We didn't get the camera out as much as I would have liked to.  I really would have like to have taken a picture of all the kids that showed up.  There was a herd of kids.  13 total, I believe.  Here are a few pictures that we did take.

In his fancy new outfit from Aunt Tina

Riding his new vroom vroom (Thanks Aunt Paula) with the help of cousin Dave.

The fancy birthday cake Bubba made.

He didn't get as messy as we thought he would!

Opening presents with some help!

Okay we have reached total melt down.  There are just a couple more pictures, but they will have to wait.

Nancy and Gus

Gus turns 1...and we go to the zoo!

Gus actually turned one on Friday.  Since the morning was beautiful, we packed every one up and headed over the Como Zoo.  It was a lot of fun.  Gus was interested in the animal, and really, who doesn't love the zoo?

Looking at the ducks

Looking at the Brown Bears with dad

Looking at the lazy polar bear with Bubba

Snuggle with Aunt Tina

Spotting the tigers

Stretching up tall like a giraffe!  

Can you see the zebra in the background?

Just a few more pictures to add!

Pictures with Bubba and 1st hair cut!

Life is still full of lots of firsts for little Gus.  We had a great time with Bill's family while they were here and one of the highlights of our time together was Gus's first hair cut!  We actually went to a kid's saloon. It was fun and memorial, especially since this will likely be the last time he anyone cuts his hair other than me.

It was a rainy day, but that morning there was a break in the clouds and Bill took some pictures of Gus with Bubba.

The hair cut:




He looks like such a big boy now!

Gus is still more pictures to come!

Family here to visit: Fun in the sun (and sand)

Bill's family was here for Gus's Birthday.  We were so happy that they were able to make the trip from PA.  We had lots of fun together and threw a big party for the little guy at the end of the week.  Unfortunately we had a string of storms go through while they were visiting, but here are a few picture from the sunny days before the storms came.

At the beach with Aunt Tina

Out to celebrate Bubba and Pappy's anniversary. 

Playing in his new sandbox!  Thanks Bubba and Pappy!

Relaxing with his Pappy.

This is just the first part of their time here.  Gus is ripping apart the office right now, but as long as he stays happy I'm going to see if I can post some more pictures.  Stay tuned!

Nancy and Gus

Rose's Baptism

I am WAY behind with putting pictures up here!  I am just going to throw as many as a can on the blog.

Here are some pictures from little Rose's baptism.  Bill and I had the honor of becoming her God-parents.  We were down in Marshall for the baptism a few weeks ago.
The Verlys

The Lanoues and the Bandzuchs

Mom and God-Mother

Stay tuned for more posts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday at the Lake

It sure feels like summer is here!  Yesterday Billy came home from work early and we headed to the lake. Although it was windy, we had fun playing in the sand and walking into the water.

In the end, Gus's little legs must have gotten tired walking down to the water...because he accidentally sat down!

Then we had a snack and headed home.

Gus is taking his nap right now, but since it is even warmer today, and the wind isn't blowing as hard, I hope to head to the lake as soon as he wakes up.

Nancy and Gus

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our trip in Minnehaha Falls

As I said before, Bill took Friday off of work and we enjoyed a mini "stay-cation".  I had never been to the Minnehaha Falls, so we headed there, hiked around and concluded our day with a big Italian meal.  Gus got in on the fun and it was a good day for our family.  Here are some of the highlights.

Gus in the baby hiking back-pack

Bill and Gus down by the falls

Our little Italian boy

His first taste of cannoli!

It is beautiful here this week.  Gus and I just got in from watering the garden and pulling a few weeds.  Yesterday we went to Medicine Lake to play in the sand (which Gus LOVES).  Before we left Gus took my fingers and walked me down to the water.  He was acting like he wanted to sit down in the water, so I stripped him down and he went for his first swim!  I can tell already that he is going to be a water bug, just like his mom and dad.

Nancy and Gus