Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Big 2017 PA Picture Dump

Here are over 100 of the pictures I snapped while in PA.  All photos are uploaded BIG, so if you'd like to grab one, just click on it and right click to save.

We had a wonderful time and miss you all so much!

Goofing off at home before we left.

Playing with Daddy's old toys at Baba's House

Visiting Baba at work.

At Baby Scarlet's Baby Shower

The Queen of Sadness

Slip and Slide Fun at Baba and Pappy's

Milkshakes at Jackson Farms

Swimming in Aunt Donna's Pool

Visiting Mommom after mass

An evening at Mimi and Pop's

Aunt Barbie!

A Josie Kiss.  YUCK!

Riding Bikes on Aunt Donna's Driveway

A day at Idlewild!

4th of July

Helping Pappy with the Garden

Visiting Aunt Paula in Pittsburgh

Lila's 1st Birthday Party

It was a great trip!  We made it how safely last night and every one is exhausted!
Nancy, Bill, Gus, Bernadette, Dominic, and Josie