Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Weekend

Here are a few pictures of the first (and last) bonfire we had this season.  Saturday evening was a little cool, so of course I over-reacted and got Gus totally bundled up.  He even wore shoes!  We had fun, and even made dinner over the fire.  Gus really enjoyed looking at the fire, and eventually he fell asleep in Bill's arms.

This Sunday we went to a different local parish, St. Anne's in Hamel.  They have a beautiful church, and Bill and Gus dressed alike.

And then they got home and continued to dress alike while watching the Steeler's game.

We love you and happy Halloween!  There will be Halloween pictures tomorrow!

Friday, October 28, 2011

A yummy meal of bananas!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!  Thanks for your responses on the Halloween pictures and wig.  I think we are going to go with it.  And, in case you too were wondering, he actually didn't seem to mind wearing the wig.  But, who knows how he will feel about it next time!

As you know, we have started real food with Gus...with little success.  This morning we tried again, and actually had some success!  Here are pictures of our messy meal of mashed banana...and then clean-up afterward.  He is doing well and liked putting the spoon in his mouth.  The only issue now is that he can't quite understand why he can't have his fist in his mouth while he eats.  Oh well.  At least he thinks that eating is fun.  He's like his mom and enjoys a good mess!

As you can see we got out the highchair.

Look how messy he got!  I won't forget the bib next time!

And finally, here are a few videos of Gus explaining (in detail) the meal.  Warning, he is long winded, and he is in the bath.  Don't worry, there are no little boy parts showing that shouldn't be!  

He really does talk this much all day long.  He is going to be like his dad!

love you!
Nancy and Gus

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gus at 5 months...and a Halloween Preview

Hello everyone!  Gus had a very good 5 month birthday yesterday.  We had a quiet morning, and then went and enjoyed a nice lunch with my aunt Cheryl after Gus got up from his nap.  I tried to take some nice pictures of him yesterday to mark his 5 month, and the turned out okay.  Enjoy!

This may look funny, but this is Gus' BIG SMILE!

And then we did some tummy pictures...but I didn't quite get the smile I was hoping for.

Here is the present Gus got for his 5 month birthday--a pumpkin hat made for him by his Auntie Cheryl!

Finally, here is where I need some feedback.  Bill and I are thinking about dressing Gus up as Troy Polamalu for Halloween.  Here is my first attempt at a wig.  But, let me know, does it just make him look like a little girl?  I'm not totally confident about this.  Let me know.

We love you,
Nancy and Gus

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gus is 5 Months Old Today!

Exactly 5 months ago little Gus was born.  He was actually born at 9:30 am, so it was almost exactly 5 months ago!  Wow, feels like a lot lot longer!  And, he has changed so much.  He is no longer a tiny little 5 lbs baby.  He is around 18 lbs and in the 90th percentile (in everything except his head!).  I'm sorry it has been a couple days since I updated this.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple days with Gus.

Billy and Gus have come up with many new ways to play.  Here is one that Gus really loves!

Like I said, Gus is in the 90th percentile.  He is especially tall.  This is a picture of him after mass on Sunday.  I was looking for some new clothes for him, and pulled out the 12 month stuff.  This onezie is 12 month, and it isn't any too big!

We continue with the real food.  Here is Gus eating this morning.  He is sleeping much better through the night, but I doubt that has anything to do with the food.  For the most part he holds all the food in his cheeks and then it all slowly comes out.  Oh well.  We are continuing to work at it!

A fun thing for me is that Gus is starting to like snuggling especially when he is tired.

And here is what he is busy doing right now.  

We love you all!
Nancy and Gus

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friends and Fun the last couple days

Here are several pictures from Thursday and Friday.  Over the last couple days we have seen lots of friends, and eaten lots of good food.  Today we are hosting a friend's baby shower (more friends for Gus on the way) so there will be even more food and friends today!  It is another beautiful day here.  We miss you all and hope that you are doing well.

First, on Thursday we hosted our good friends Sarah and Becky for dinner.  This is a picture of Becky and her boyfriend Dave, with Gus of course.

Sarah and Becky had a good time playing with Gus.  Here Sarah is nibbling on his toes.  Gus had so much fun that he stayed up way past his bed time!

Gus was having fun, but here you can see that he is getting tired!

And the big news, Gus can roll over!  Or, at least he's done it twice.  I didn't move fast enough, and here is a picture of Gus right after he rolled over!

Then, on Friday Bill came home from work early and worked with Gus to try and get him to roll over again...they worked and worked...and Gus refused to roll over again!

Then Billy and Gus had some good Daddy time.

Finally, last night we went over to a friend's house for a birthday party, and there were lost of other babies there!  

Here is a picture of Gus with his friend Grant (3 weeks younger than Gus).  They had the same due date, but Gus decided to come a little earlier.  They are being held by our good friend Becky, Grant's mom.

Both of these boys look SO MUCH like their dads!

Here is a picture of Gus with his friend Damien (2 months younger than Gus).  They are being held by Damien's mom, Jessica.

And here are all three boys together!  Hopefully they grow up playing together!

And, just for fun here is a picture from about 4 months ago.  This is Gus and Grant around the end of June.  Wow, how things have changed!  

We love you all!
Nancy, Billy and Gus