Monday, May 16, 2016

Welcome Baby Josie

Our crew grew by one on Tuesday May 10th.  Josephine Frances was born a little early, but perfectly healthy and ready to eat!  Her 2 big brothers and big sister came to the hospital that evening to give her a proper welcome.

We went home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and spent a few days at home with grandma and the big kids.  We took the traditional outside antique chair pictures.  That chair is getting a little full!

Proud big sister.  And, this picture was taken by Gus.  Good job buddy!

Because my parents are AMAZING, the big kids are now down on the farm, surely having the time of their lives and I have a few quiet days with Josie.  She is a very good baby and we are enjoying plenty of snuggles.  We are headed up to MN is a few days here to visit family and friends, most especially my Grandma Anne, who I want to make sure is able to meet little Josephine.

Thank you for all the prayers and support!

The Cousins Visit

Maria and her kids were here just before Josie arrived.  She gave me a great break, allowed me to go to a doctor's appointment without the crew and the kids all had a blast together. 

We had great weather, so we took out the pool and filled it up!  These are the only pictures I took during their trip, but I think they capture pretty well the fun we all had.

Berna and Patch--BFF!

And, just after the Librandes took off, it was time for Gus's preschool Graduation.  here are just a few pictures.  We will miss you, Miss Maggie!

Gus with a few of his was a pretty girl heavy class!

More pictures coming soon!