Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A fun trip to Texas!

Have you given up on me?  Well, just in case, I thought I'd take a minute (while the kids destroy the basement and share a few great shots I got on our CRAZY last minute trip to Texas a few weeks ago.  It was fun, we enjoyed family and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  wow!  I was shocked.  I went thinking the kids would enjoy wearing just a long sleeved shirt outside, but it was definitely tank-tops and shorts weather.  So nice, but hard to leave and come back to Minnesota!

On Friday morning we got the whole crew together for a group shot.

And, Gus and Little Dave got to work "scooping and dumping".  More than anything else, the kids were thrilled to play in the dirt.  It has been a looooong time since they could play in the dirt around home!

Sweet Patrick!

And, of course, I had a little craft project that Therese (and Bernadette) helped me with.

On Friday we also had fun at the Zoo!

Gus was our dedicated tour guide.

Patrick was the only smart one.  He mostly stayed in the wagon and ate Goldfish.

Bernadette walked the whole way with her beloved Therese.

On Saturday the Librande's took us to see the Mountains.


And, well, Bernadette was there too.  She refused to walk the entire time, unless it was in the completely wrong direction.

On Sunday we joined Maria and Joe at their church on Post.

Then, we took a trip to St. Patrick's Cathedral, near the hospital where Patrick was treated.

And, there was much hugging...at least I think that is hugging!

Sunday afternoon we once again took advantage of the wonderful weather, and went outside to play in the dirt once more.

And, things got a little dirty.

Sadly, on Monday morning we packed and started the long drive back.

the trip back was long....but we had a nice break in Kansas City where we joined time with the Little Sisters and a beautiful 60 degree day.

As always, there pictures are here to share.  So, feel free to copy/paste/print/send, whatever