Saturday, June 11, 2016

Josephine at 1 Month

I snapped a couple of pictures yesterday to mark Josie being a month old.  I shouldn't include them all here--especially the ones of Bernadette being cranky--but I just can't help myself!

The last picture was the best one.


Josphine's 1st Weeks

Finally getting around to sharing a few pictures from Josephine's first weeks as a member of the family.  First off, Bill and I got to enjoy a few days with just our sweet baby.  My parents took the 3 older ones for a few fun days on the farm.

A few days later we headed up to Minnesota to get the kids and enjoyed seeing all the home renovations, the cousins, the animals and everything else!

Rose Again loved holding her little cousin and was so sweet with her.

The boys bonded over a little kitty.

And the headeder (4 wheeler)

The kids were a big help getting the rocks out of Grandpa's wagon.

Dom checked on the cows and talked farming with Grandpa.

Bernadette put on a ladybug costume and went for a bike ride.

Even the cows thought that was strange.

And we spent a wonderful evening with the star of the show--my dear grandma Anne.  She worked her baby magic and got Josie right to sleep.  We ate a yummy meal prepared by Raterra on the deck and afterward walked to McDonalds for ice cream cones.

The Girl Cousins (minus Therese).  All the girls will be together soon!

We tried to get a few family pictures before we left the farm.  It was windy...

A couple of days later, Baba and Pappy came for a visit...and I did a terrible job taking pictures!  It's hard when I'm usually always holding a baby!

Our new trampoline--a birthday present for Gus and Domo


Love you all,
Nancy and fam.