Monday, September 14, 2015

Ruth Lake Weekend 2015

We are back home after a fun weekend on the lake with our friends from Men's and Women's group.  We had a big crew there: 8 families with 20 kids and a priest.  Tons of fun, craziness and food.  

The kids (and Bill and I) got home yesterday happy and very tired.

Here are a few of the pictures I snapped over the course of the weekend.

The Olson Family

The boys playing Ninja

Bernadette and Eleanor 

In the afternoon the dads took the kids out for a canoe ride.  

Ben and his girls ready to head out in the canoe.

The whole crew--minus Father Ben who had left to hear confession somewhere, and our beloved friends that weren't able to make it this year: Tom and Kelly and Tom and JoAnn.

Skipping rocks on the lake at sunset.

One of the highlights is that Fr. Ben came back on Saturday night and said mass for us all at the cabin.  Such a treat!  

It was a beautiful, catholic weekend.

Nancy, Bill, Gus, Bernadette and Dommy

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day in PA and WV

We are back and exhausted from another wonderful trip to see Bill's family.  We left last Monday and just rolled into town a couple of hours ago.  We saw tons of family, Bill and I had a night away for our 5 year anniversary, we swam, ate great food, hiked in the mountains, ziplined and celebrated the wedding of Bill's cousin Tyler.  Tons of fun.  

Here is an epic picture dump for you to enjoy (or to overwhelm you).  All of these pictures are unedited--because I'm lazy.  The pictures I shared on FB are edited, so if you want one of those full size to be printed just let me know and I'll email it to you.  But, other than that, feel free to copy/paste/steal/repost whatever.

First thing we did when we got to Bill's parent's house is we went swimming!  
Dom and Pappy

Maddox came with us!

And, of course, I had to get the cousins together for the first of many cousin pictures.

Dom the motorhead

The next day we went to visit Mom Mom

And the following day we went to see Mimi and Pops at the farm

That is also the day that Gus got a new watch, just in time to start school!

Then we went over to Maddox's other grandparent's house for a tractor ride!

Then it was back to Baba and Pappy's for bike riding in the backyard and supper.

Friday we packed up and headed to West Virginia for Bill's cousin Tyler's wedding.  The wedding wasn't until Sunday afternoon so we rented a cabin and settled into a little mini vacation together.

Playing at the little "park" right next to our cabin

Annnnnnd, classic Bernadette.

The next morning we headed out on a mini hike.

Another attempt at a cousin pic.

Post hike in front of our cabin.  Lots of hills!

The park we were staying at also had a beautiful pool, so we headed there.

Amy, Jason and Maddox

Even Becky and Ericka came to join the fun!

Such a pretty girl!

that afternoon we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

Tina and Billy

The Bandzuch crew

Patty and Ericka

Tyler and Alexa

And, I caught Ericka digging in the beer cooler

Then I caught her kissing Maddox!

Bernadette and ZuZu

The girls and Ericka blowing a kiss!

And then I asked to take a picture of Tyler and Alexa--and they really hammed it up:

The Macino Family

The Bandzuch Family

Colbie, Tyler and Donna the night before the wedding

And, the next day was the wedding!

Pops and Dom before the wedding

Mimi and Pops

The wedding venue

Bernadette and Maddox coming down the aisle (with Bill's Phone, just for fun)

Tyler and Alexa reciting their vows, with Donna win the foreground

The flower girl strut 

Gus LOVED the key/bottle opener favors.  LOVED.  He made me take this picture of him...and a few more later on.

The kids with the bride and groom

Alexa and her dad

Bandzuch Family