Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Pictures after Mass

This is the last post today!

After mass on Sunday we came home and played with our new toy--our camera!  We took some family pictures to mark turning 9 months on Saturday.  I was excited because it was the first time in a long time that I had had my pictures taken with Gus.


And finally, we spent time on Sunday afternoon skyping with Bubba.  Gus and Bubba had fun playing peek-a-boo, and he would fake cough every time he heard her cough.  (Bubba, we hope you are feeling better today!)

That's all for today!

Nancy and Gus

Visiting Grant and Eli

Well, our plans fell through for Saturday, so we set up a play date/dinner with a couple of good friends of ours that have a 3 year old and a boy about a month younger than Gus.  It was fun to see how the boys have changed so much in such a short period of time.  Grant, their little guy, is already crawling and pulling himself up on furniture.  Bill was hoping that Gus would see these two active little guys and get moving himself...but...

Gus, 9 mo and Grant, 8 mo.

The daddies with their boys

Eli on his bike.

Time with daddy

Here are a few pictures of Bill and Gus.  As you can see, we have been spending a lot of time on the floor! The first picture is from Friday night after Bill got home from work.  The others are from Saturday morning story time.

They are reading Gus's favorite book: Farmyard animal hide and seek.  He knows were all of the animals are! 

I will be putting on several posts today, so stay tuned!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just one picture today.

This might be my favorite picture of Gus to date.  There is just so much wonder and awe in those eyes.  It amazes me how much he likes to look out our our street that sees about 5 cars a day (counting Bill as he leaves for work and returns from work).

Isn't he beautiful?

Have a great weekend,
Nancy and Gus

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Distracted while cleaning the bathroom

So, I was cleaning the bathroom...and Gus was sitting outside the door playing...and he was just too cute.  Needless to say I got distracted.  Enjoy!

More pictures tomorrow!
Love Bill, Nancy and Gus

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More new camera fun

We went to 8 am mass this morning, so Gus is taking a late nap.

I have been having a blast with the new camera.  It is the most fun toy I have ever had!  Enjoy these pictures.

Gus playing after his morning nap


Getting a snack before running errand in this afternoon.

The little guy with his first ashes, at mass this morning.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Camera...well that was easy.

Here are a few pictures from the new camera!  I was a little concerned that it would be hard to format and edit the pictures...but it is just as easy as it was with my point and shoot.  Yeah!

Eating breakfast

We got about 4 inches of snow last night...I guess it's winter after all!

My dear husband...who spoils me!

What fun!  Once again, 
Love Nancy, Gus and Billy

The last couple days

Hello All,
I has been an eventful couple of days.  Gus and I spent Friday night through Sunday night in Valley City North Dakota with my dear friend Dorothy and her two children.  It was a fun little trip, but both of us were happy to get home to our own bed and to Billy.  Luckily Monday was President's day, so Bill was off work and we had a family day.  And...big news...Bill decided to spoil me, and we got a new camera!!!!!  And, I mean a nice camera!  I am so excited.  SO ECITED!  It is one of those cameras with interchangeable lenses.  When we got home last night Bill and I were just playing around with it and even with the lens that the guy at the store said we would be "disappointed" in, we were blown away.  The pictures are amazing.  It is incredible.

Well, having told you all this, don't be disappointed, but all of the following pictures are from my old camera.  It is my goal to spend this Mardi Gras reading my camera's manual and getting a few of the pictures I've taken onto my computer.  I hope it is easy!

But, enjoy these pictures in the mean-time.  I might not have taken them with the best camera, but the subject matters more than makes up for that!

Gus practicing rolling on my bed while I packed for our trip on Friday.

 Gus and Alex Russell (Dorothy's 2 year old).  Gus told Alex was pretty funny!

Dorothy had a very loving kitty.  Gus LOVED her.

Us with our kids.  Alex- 2 yrs, Katherine- 3 months and Gus 8 months.

And finally, Gus found a few favorite place to play....the sink!  (And don't worry mom, our hot water is off!)

Finally, here is a little video showcasing Gus's new trick.  Sorry it is sideways.

We love and miss you all,
Nancy, Gus and Billy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Big Bird Photo Shoot

So, I clearly went overboard, and I shouldn't post all of these pictures, but what can I say, I am an adoring mother.  One of my favorite things about Gus is just how expressive he is.  He has a hundred different looks already and each one is so cute!  So, here are about 50 of them!

I got a little distracted while making breakfast today.  Gus had been poopy so I quickly changed him and threw on this Big Bird sweater my mom had gotten him while I was still pregnant (and we were all convince I was having a girl).  He was sitting on the kitchen floor smiling and playing with a serving spoon.  Enjoy!

This is one of my favorites.

And then....

Dad came downstairs!

And dad wondered why things weren't ready...what had mom been doing?

The end.  Have a good day!

Gus and I are off on lots of visits in the coming days.  Today we are going to see a friend on bed-rest.  She is scheduled for induction on Monday!  And, on Friday we are headed off to the great land of North Dakota to see a friend from college and her two children (one of which is a new baby born in November we have yet to meet).  While Gus and I are gone this weekend Bill and a couple of friends are going to a beer festival.  And then, next week is Lent!  Wow, already?

We love you.

Nancy and Gus