Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanks Aunt Paula!

Bill's aunt Paula sent Gus the best birthday present ever.  It continues to out-shine all other present and he just fell asleep in my arms because he was racing around the family room for the last half hour with the present she sent.

I tried to get some pictures, but he was moving so fast I didn't have a ton of luck!

It has wheels, it make noise.  What could be better?
Thanks again!
Nancy and Gus

Friday, June 22, 2012

Our PA trip: Part 4

After all the pictures we took at Idlewild, our picture taking basically dropped off.  We left PA Wednesday afternoon, and here are the few pictures we took our final days there.

Our last days in PA were HOT.  So, we got out the splash pad and cooled off.

Before we left we went down to the farm to see Mimi and Pops.

And that is all the pictures of our trip to PA!  

It was a wonderful trip.  We have a week at home before we head out on another trip to Michigan.  Lots of time in the car, but it is worth it!

Nancy and Gus

Our PA trip: Part 3, adventure at Idlewild

We had one day to relax after the wedding, and then on Monday we paced up and headed to Idlewild, a kid-focused amusement park that Bill and his cousins visited often when they were children.

On Sunday we went and helped get rid of some extra wedding food...and Gus played with the bride.

Uncle Jason and Aunt Amy won some major Gus points when they brought the 4-wheeler down to take Gus on a few rides.

And then on Monday we headed to Idlewild!
Billy and Gus entering Storybook forest.

The big kids plus Gus in the school house

In the stinky cheese

Sitting in baby-bear's seat

Helping dad pull the sword from the stone

The Bandzuch family exploring a whole new world on their magic carpet.

In Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 

On Mr. Rogers' trolly

Gus' first ride--a hand cart with Daddy

On a merry-go-round at the end of the day.

It was a fun fun fun day!  And Gus did so good.  We cruised right through his nap and he just kept on trucking!  He was a little silly when we got in the car at the end of the day, but was peacefully asleep in no time at all!

Our PA Trip: Part 2, the Wedding

Okay, so my husband is becoming quite the photographer.  He took LOTS of pictures at the wedding, and lots of them turned out really nice, so I am just going to post all of them.  Sorry if you find this post a little overwhelming.  To Bill's family: PLEASE, STEAL ALL THE PICTURES YOU WANT!  I will upload them as big as possible so there is a good resolution once you steal them.

Gus and Baba before the wedding.

Pops and Uncle Tom before the wedding.

The wedding party enters: Aunt Tina

Aunt Becky

Aunt Amy

The beautiful bride

Aunt Donna and Aunt Barbie

Aunt Tina's purple hair!

Tyler and Alexa

Gus slept through the ceremony, and was still sleepy afterward.

The whole family

The cake with the farm in the background.

Gus had tons of fun playing with Bill's cousin's kids at the reception.

Gus's second bridal dance.

The Aunt's bridal dance.

A family shot before Gus called it a night and headed home to sleep.

It was a beautiful, wonderful day and we are so happy that we were there is share in it.

More picture to come!!

Nancy and Gus