Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A few more pictures from CCC

Here are a few fun ones from this weekend.
A lazy Sunday morning with Gus still in his pjs.

The Bandzuches with Santa (my grandpa).  My grandpa has been dressing up as Santa since long before I remember.  It is tradition that every singe grandchild and great grandchild has to come and sit on Santa's lap for a picture...and with 40+ grandkids, and now 20 great grandkids is takes a while....Gus was pretty tired by time we finally got called!

Another picture from the mass at camp this year.  Gus was so loud!  He was happy, but kept on talking and talking!

We are leaving for the airport at 5am!  Tomorrow we are headed to PA!

Love you all,
Nancy and Gus

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