Monday, May 26, 2014

Gus's Birthday!

It was fun, crazy and wet--Gus's 3rd birthday party.  We had a few families over for food and fun on the deck Sunday night.  Here are a few pics we took that night:

The big boy with a new haircut!  

And then, swimsuits or no, they all got into the pool!

And, as the boys yelled, everyone had "wet butts!"

Little Miss Ava

Gus enjoyed some hay-bale cupcakes at the end of the evening.

And so did little Miss Bernadette

Kiss Kiss!
Billy, Nancy, Gus, Bernadette and Dominic

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our Last Days at the Farm

Well, we are back home and loving time with Dad.  Tomorrow is Gus's 3rd birthday (yay!), but before that I thought I would get my camera cleared off and share some pictures from our last few days on the farms.

We spent a lot of time playing on the gravel pile at my parent's house.

And Bernadette spent a lot of time chasing that poor cat...

From the gravel pile, we moved to the feed-bunk which was just as fun to play scooping and dumping in.

The kid also had some fun with Grandma Anne.  She read them stories.

And she and Gus belly-laughed all the way through Cowardly Clyde.

The next day we watched 3 semi trucks come and clear out the feedlot.

Gus and David had front-row seats for the action.

We also enjoyed some warm weather and ate lots of Popsicles our last days in Marshall.  

Then, Wednesday night we celebrated Gus's Birthday!  He got a tractor and baler from us and a shovel from the Lanoues!

David brought his shovel to the beach, where we were celebrating too--and we did some serious damage to that beach!

Everyone got in on the wet, dirty fun, even if mom forgot to bring some swimming suits!

Then it was time to roast hot dogs and blow out candles.  Unfortunately the first time around David was over eager and blew of the candles...

As you can see, he felt bad and Gus got to blow out the second round of candles.  

We also spent time playing with chalk (thanks Aunt Barbie)

And we did lots of laundry...including Gus's blanket!  He was eager for it to be dry!

On our last night on the farm we headed out to the grain bins for some pictures.

Bernadette mooing at the cows in the pasture.

And then Uncle Paul arrived to make everyone smile...

Especially the little kids!

It was a great time...and we miss the farm already!
Nancy, Bernadette, Gus, Bill and Dominic