Monday, July 6, 2015

Michigan 2015

Are you ready to relive our week on Lake Michigan?  I am just dumping all of the pictures here for you all to enjoy.  We missed my sister Maria's family very much, but it was still a full house and a full week with the Lanoues, uncle John and my parents.  

The water was quite high this year, and a little cold, but we still got in the water and had a lot of fun.

Along with beach fun, there was lots of ice cream!

And s'mores!

As usual, we took a walk down to the lighthouse.

Daddies and their look-alike babies.

Ruthie and Me and our babies.

We tie dyed t-shirts for the 4th again this year.

And, we went to the parade.

The 4th was our last night in Michigan.  The neighbors down the beach put on an amazing firework show for us and we had fun with sparklers.  

It was a great trip, as always!