Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting good news with John!

It is time to get caught up on blogging!  I am going to do several posts today (as long as Gus keeps sleeping for a while!)  The first post is pictures from last Thursday.  Gus and I jumped in the car with my brother and drove down to Mayo clinic where John had a three month appt where he had an MRI and got the good news!  Still no cancer!  Gus was a really good baby and was happy almost all day even though he only got a few quick naps on my shoulder.  It was good to see my parents and to get out of the house.  And, of course it was wonderful to get the continuing good news about my brother.

These first four pictures are of the fun we had while John was in getting an MRI.  Gus was his usual self and was talking and talking!  He had the attention of the entire waiting room by the time John came out.

My mom was trying to take pictures of Gus (of course)

And the rest of these pictures are ones that my mom actually took.  Thanks mom!

Then, after we had some lunch we went and sat in another waiting room, waiting to talk to John's doctor.  (Hey, can you find my brother in the following picture?  If you know John at all you shouldn't be surprised to see what he is doing!)

Actually in the room with the doctor getting the all clear.

We were all so happy Uncle John is still healthy, especially Gus!

And then Gus took another little nap before we hit the road.

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