Monday, October 27, 2014

A Rainy Evening

Bill is off on an other business trip, so after Bible Study we headed down to the farm again.  And, on the farm there were kitties, cousins, toys, apples and MUD!  The kids got very wet and muddy, but were very happy.

Snapped just a few pictures, but I thought I'd share them.

Ah, Rose and Bernadette.  There were plenty of hugs and screams tonight.
We miss you Bill.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A walk on a beautiful fall day

We took a walk yesterday afternoon...and it was almost magical...

Dominic at 4 months.

THE shot.

And then we headed back home.

A few more pics from the farm

We have been back home for almost a week now, but I have a few cute pictures from the farm that I've yet to share.  

Once again we enjoyed all the apples on the farm.  The trees are ready to break there are so many apples--which made snacking while outside lots of fun!

And, Ms Bernadette went for her first tractor ride!  She loved it!

But, the most notable part of our trip to the farm was the new little kitty.  Bernadette and Gus were sad to leave the kitty behind when we left.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Beautiful Fall Day on the Farm

Today was JUST BEAUTIFUL.  It was the perfect fall day and we spent as much of it as possible outside enjoying the weather.  The morning we spent eating apples, swinging, attempting to rescue more wild kittens and playing in the huge hay-bale fortress.  

After naps we headed out to the nearby state park, hoping to catch the fall colors.  The leaves weren't as pretty as last year, but we still got some good pictures and the kids had a ton of fun playing in a big pile of leaves, skipping across rocks in the creek and going on a hike.

And, I even made a picture.

All the best--and we miss you Billy!
Nancy, Gus, Berna and Dom