Friday, October 28, 2011

A yummy meal of bananas!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!  Thanks for your responses on the Halloween pictures and wig.  I think we are going to go with it.  And, in case you too were wondering, he actually didn't seem to mind wearing the wig.  But, who knows how he will feel about it next time!

As you know, we have started real food with Gus...with little success.  This morning we tried again, and actually had some success!  Here are pictures of our messy meal of mashed banana...and then clean-up afterward.  He is doing well and liked putting the spoon in his mouth.  The only issue now is that he can't quite understand why he can't have his fist in his mouth while he eats.  Oh well.  At least he thinks that eating is fun.  He's like his mom and enjoys a good mess!

As you can see we got out the highchair.

Look how messy he got!  I won't forget the bib next time!

And finally, here are a few videos of Gus explaining (in detail) the meal.  Warning, he is long winded, and he is in the bath.  Don't worry, there are no little boy parts showing that shouldn't be!  

He really does talk this much all day long.  He is going to be like his dad!

love you!
Nancy and Gus

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