Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gus at 5 months...and a Halloween Preview

Hello everyone!  Gus had a very good 5 month birthday yesterday.  We had a quiet morning, and then went and enjoyed a nice lunch with my aunt Cheryl after Gus got up from his nap.  I tried to take some nice pictures of him yesterday to mark his 5 month, and the turned out okay.  Enjoy!

This may look funny, but this is Gus' BIG SMILE!

And then we did some tummy pictures...but I didn't quite get the smile I was hoping for.

Here is the present Gus got for his 5 month birthday--a pumpkin hat made for him by his Auntie Cheryl!

Finally, here is where I need some feedback.  Bill and I are thinking about dressing Gus up as Troy Polamalu for Halloween.  Here is my first attempt at a wig.  But, let me know, does it just make him look like a little girl?  I'm not totally confident about this.  Let me know.

We love you,
Nancy and Gus


  1. hey nancy & bill - troy polamalu gets my vote. nancy, saw the link to your blog on FB - very cute!!

    -mary (& blake)

  2. the polamalu outfit is hilarious. you should definitely go with it.