Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gus's first attempt at real food

The past couple nights Gus has been waking up three time just to eat.  It is like he is a little baby again.  So, we took this as a clue that he might be ready for some cereal.  Last night was the big event.  It was messy and most of what got put into his mouth came right back out but he did eat a little, and even though he did get up several times last night, he did take a three hour nap today, which is a rare event for our little cat-napper.  We hope you enjoy the pictures we took to mark this historic occasion!

I started out feeding him.  Here is his official first bite of real food.

He never really loved it, but in the beginning he was doing ok and we even heard him swallow a few times.

But then the cereal started coming back out.

Bill took over the feeding, but by this point Gus was about done.

He got messy, but I think he was still CUTE!

We had some more real food this morning, and he will get some more tonight.  AND, for those of you that actually read all the way to the end, something very special happened yesterday: Gus rolled over!  Gus and I were over at my friend Jodi's house, so Bill missed fact we all missed it!  I looked away for a second, and when I looked back he had flipped on his stomach!  I watched him like a hawk today to see if he would roll again, so I could get a pictures, but so far there has only been that first roll.  I will keep you posted!

All the best,
Nancy and Gus

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