Monday, October 17, 2011

The last couple days

Once again, it has been a couple days since my last post.  Gus is doing well.  He is recovering from his cold, but with the weather changing, and actually starting to feel like October, he misses our long walks we used to take.  And, right now he is whining, so this will be quick!

On Friday we took out the Johnny-Jumper for the first time.  Gus isn't jumping yet, but he liked being in there, and he especially liked when Mom bounced him.  He squealed!

Then on Saturday morning we had lunch with some good friends.  Here is a picture of Gus with the Olsons, including baby Ava/Oliver!

Ross getting some dad practice in...even though he doesn't need any.  He is going to be GREAT!

Then Saturday night we took some early Halloween pictures.  Thanks Auntie Tina for the costume and Bubba for the Halloween Teddybear.  

Sunday morning daddy and Gussy got up and made breakfast.  It was wonderful!  Also, note that Gus now has a tray for his Bumbo chair.  It makes playing with toys much easier!

Sunday Morning pictures...still in our pjs!

And, on Sunday Gus took his pushie and fell right asleep!  What a treat!

Then we woke up and played with dad while mom went to work for a couple hours.

And today he was being cute in his entertainment center again.  And, his feet are almost touching the bottom of the entertainment center!

These last pictures are just to show how close he is getting to rolling over... 

Nap time!

We love you all,
Nancy and Gus

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