Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gus around the house

It was a rainy day here yesterday, so Gus and I had a nice day inside.  We worked a little on rolling over, but he is just too content to lay there and smile at me.  He isn't interested in very much else, but I don't mind!

Notice in these pictures all the toys laying around him...that he really isn't that interested in.  He looks a little crazy in some of these pictures, but that is because I caught him mid laugh.  He is such a happy good baby!

When dad got home from work Gus was happy to sit on his lap.  I think these pictures, where he had his arms on the table like an adult are so cute!

And then it was time to be done taking pictures, and get Gus his supper!

We love you all, 
Nancy, Gus and Billy

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