Monday, October 10, 2011

This weekend

It was beautiful weather here again in Minnesota.  We took advantage of it and had a busy, wonderful weekend.  Here are a few pictures.  And, if this is your first time to the blog, welcome!  I try to update it often for members of our family that live too far away!

Here are a few pictures of Gus at our local library.  We walked there on Friday.  

And then that night Billy, Gus and I were part of a Rosary walk from the Minnesota Capital to the Cathedral.  It was a beautiful night and it was so fun to see all of the big families that showed up.

And then, we got home and my mom, Ruth, Simon, Mary and David were at our house...and they had brought a baby kitten with them!  I think the kitten's name is Meatball...but David told me that, so it might not be totally accurate.  

Gus with his Godmother, Ruth.

Mary showing off here new kitten.

Gus loves his cousin David...even though David is a bit of a wild man!

Everyone stayed overnight, and the next morning Ruth had to give the kitten its bottle.  Note: They found the kitten and don't know where its mother is, so Ruth is giving it milk replaces...reminds me of all the times she did something like this when we were kids.

And then, Uncle Bill found a huge package that Buba had sent!  Simon and David were just as excited about it as Uncle Bill.  Buba sent Gus a cute outfit that we wore to Mass yesterday, and I tried to take a picture, but before I could Gus had puked all over himself.  Oh well, hopefully next time!

Uncle Johnny came over to watch the Lanoue children while we were at the wedding, but before we left he had to get some Gus time!

We drove down to Red Wing on Saturday for my cousin Audrey's weeding.  (Doesn't she look beautiful in these pictures?)  The bad news is that Gus is getting a cold, so he had a few meld-downs, but for the most part he was his usual happy self.  It was a perfect day for an outside wedding!

Gus got a little cranky, so Billy had to stand with his for awhile.

Gus and his Aunt Cheryl

Bill enjoying a beer with my Grandpa Cross

Sleeping in his dad's arms.

With his Grandma at the reception.

Laughing with his Aunt Julie

Gus even snuggled with a few Bridesmaids!  

Then on Sunday Bill and I worked on the leaves.  Gus was just happy to be outside on yet another warm October day.

We tried to take some leaf pictures, but as you can see, he wasn't really into it.

Here is Bill with his new toy.  It blows.  It sucks.  It grinds!  

And here is our little family.  We love you all!

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