Monday, October 8, 2012

Sam and Kara's Wedding Reception

As it turns out, my dear cousin Sam's wedding played out in a similar way to ours.  He married a girl from PA.  They were married out by State College this summer, and we had their wedding reception back here  this weekend.  My parents and brother made the drive out for the wedding, but we sat this one out, because two road trips to PA in one summer while pregnant and with a one year old just might have killed me.

But the reception was a blast.  Gus really got out there on the dance floor and grooved.  We stayed late, and as long was we were feeding him sugary punch he was awake and happy.  Here are some of the pics we snapped.

Dave when he first arrived and saw Gus.  It might not look like it, but Gus was pretty excited too.

Bill took a few family shots of the Lanoues since they were dressed up so nice.

Look, I actually got into a picture!

 Dancing with dad...and can you guess what color the punch was?!?

The only picture we took of the bride and groom.  LOVE you SAM!

Nancy and Gus

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