Monday, October 1, 2012

A weekend on the farm

We made the trek down to Marshall this weekend to be part of harvest, and we were, despite the fact that we got zero pictures of Gus (or anyone for that matter) actually in tractors.  They are busy, and it is serious work out there, so it just didn't work out to get any shots, although Bill and Gus did get to ride in the Semi with my dad, in the Grain cart with Uncle Paul, and the combine with my Uncle Ed.  I am bummed that we didn't get any pictures, but the memories will just have to be good enough!

We did take a few other pictures though.  We were lucky enough to spend almost the entire day with my sister Ruth and her kids.  Together we spent time out at the bins, helping my dad between loads, we went out to the Lanoue park and played in the creek, and we all went in to visit Grandma Anne that night.  Here are the pictures:

Rosy wearing a cute hat Mary found for her in Grandma's stash.

 Mary also found a cute headband for herself.
 The boys out for a four-wheeler ride with Uncle Billy.
 Playing in the creek at the Lanoue park--It was a hot day in the end!  It was almost 90!  Gus and I both needed to get cooled off.

 Simon, the big 8 year old!

 Man, that's one tough looking crew!

 What a pretty mama and baby!
 We left the park...but we didn't get Gus dressed!  He enjoyed the rest of the evening in his diaper, goofing around with the Lanoue cousins at Grandma Anne's (where we had a delicious dinner!)
 And Gus did his part, helping Raterra with the dishes afterward!

We sure do love the farm, and we LOVE Grandma Anne!  Happy birthday tomorrow!~

Nancy and Gus

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