Thursday, October 4, 2012

A day at the zoo

Yesterday might have been the last nice day.  It was hot and beautiful...and today was COLD!  Luckily we knew this would be the case, so headed out to the zoo yesterday and had a fun day with Bill's Aunt Barbie.  We hadn't been to the zoo since May and it was fun to see how much more interested Gus was in all the animals.  We also were there at a really good time.  Many of the animals were out eating while we were there, and we even got to see Sparky the Seal go through all of his tricks, and Gus had a front row seat for this--don't worry, there is glass between him and the seal.  And yes, he called Sparky "dog".

Both of us had lots of fun getting to know Aunt Barbie this week.  We had a wonderful dinner with her and Uncle Bob.  It will be nice once they are here and settled.

Thanks stopping by!  All is well here other than that.  My sister still hasn't had her baby yet.  She is 41 weeks!

Nancy and Gus

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