Monday, October 29, 2012

Kelly and Tom's Wedding!

We were blessed to be present for our good friends, Kelly and Tom's, wedding this Saturday.  It was a beautiful event, very holy and powerful.  We were double blessed because we were able to enjoy the wedding and reception without Gus!  He had a blast hanging out with another little boy, and we had a blast without him!  We didn't get a ton of pictures, but I thought I'd share the few we did get:

Kelly and her dad.

And then, I was inspired to take a few pictures of the couples...because since we all started having kids I realized that we just take pictures of our kids.  We are becoming those people!

 Even though not everyone was able to make it (we miss you JoAnn and Tom) we did get everyone from Men's and Women's group together for a quick picture!  We feel very blessed to be part of this group!  And now everyone is either married or ordained!  Wow.

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