Monday, October 29, 2012

Aunt Tina Comes to Visit

I am WAY behind on posting pictures, so buckle up!  Gus just went down for a nap and I am determined to get these all posted before he wakes up!

First up, Aunt Tina came to visit last weekend!  We had lots of fun...although we mostly just played around the house.  On Sunday we headed out to a pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins.  Everything was great....except we had a cranky little boy who was more interested in just about everything than the pumpkins.  We tried to take some good pictures...but he can run now!  Also, note the pictures where his head to cropped out...this is not a mistake!  He was not a smiler, despite the beautiful weather and wonderful company we had!

Out attempt at a family picture...oh, I hate pictures of myself pregnant!

Momentary interest in a pumpkin.

Hauling back our pumpkins.

Guess what he is looking at....a tractor!

Tina stayed through until Monday.  Gus took a whopper of a nap that afternoon and woke up much happier!  I think his Auntie wore him out!  We had just enough time for a big snack and a trip to the park before Tina headed back home.

This is Gus's new thing, jumping...although as Tina can attest, he doesn't get much (if any) air time.  but, he still finds it pretty exciting!

Thanks for coming Tina!

Nancy and Gus

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