Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorry, we're still here!

I am so sorry I haven't posted any pictures all week.  I am SUFFERING these days with some terrible morning sickness (or really, all day sickness).  So much worse that with Gus.  Hopefully this means we are having a girl this time.  And, as Bill can attest, the cravings are way worse too.  I just crave Mexican food day, night and the entire time in between.  If this keeps up this baby is coming out wearing a sombrero!

I have just a few pictures to share with you.  Yesterday it was warm-ish, but the wind was BLOWING!  We went down to the near-by lake and Gus had a great time owwing and awwing at the waves and digging his feet into the sand.  We only stayed about 30 minutes because the wind was cold, but it was a nice little outing...and then we headed to the grocery store to get ingredient for enchiladas (shocker).

 I wish he would have looked at me a little more...but there were little kids playing on the piles of dirt behind us...and how can I compete with that?  Also, it is sort of fun to see how much hair he has.  and you know what's funny? When he gets out of the bath tub his hair is a big curly mess.

I hope you are all well.  We miss you and love you.  Please say a prayer for me on I turn the big 3-0.  yikes.  I'm getting old.

Nancy and Gus

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  1. Congrats Nancy & Bill! And Gus! I hope you start feeling better sooner rather than later Nancy :)

    -Mary G