Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bath time with grandma

My mom was here last night.  We got quite the snow storm on Tuesday night, so she cam up Wednesday afternoon, once the roads were cleared.  She and my brother are at Mayo right now for his 3 month check up.  If everything checks out today he will only have to go back every 6 months to get checked out.

While my mom was here we had some good time together, just me, Gus and Grandma.  Bill was sick in bed.  We let Gus play in the bath a good long time, and he loved it.

Snuggle time with Grandma afterward.

A note on Gus, or "no-crawl Gus" as my dad has taken to calling him, as I have been writing this, Gus has managed to move all the way across our computer room, from one corner to the other.  He is becoming quite the skilled roller...much like his dad, I hear.  

Well, it's not crawling, but it's something!

Nancy and Gus

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