Monday, March 19, 2012

A full weekend!

It was beautiful weather, so we spent as much time as we could outside and with friends.  As usual we carted Gus all over the metro, skipped a few of his naps, ate lots of good food and had lots of laughs with our wonderful friends, both our age and Gus's age.  We even had a nice long chat with Bubba, Pops and Mimi over skype on Sunday.  It was busy, but it was wonderful.  Here are a few picture we took along the way.

On Friday Gus and I went to have lunch with Bill at work.  In the afternoon we played out on the deck (since it was 70 degrees) and Gus got good and dirty.  This is him smiling at Bill  when he got home from work.  That evening we went to a fish fry with friends in St. Paul.

Saturday was St. Patrick's day.  We celebrated at our friend Jerry's house...and the weather was so nice that we had to move inside, out of the hot sun (can be believe March!?!)

Here is our festive St. Patrick's day family!

Although we went to 8am mass on Sunday, Gus got a little bit of snuggle time with Bill in bed.

Then after mass our friends James and Jess came over for brunch.  Their youngest, Damien, is 2 months younger than Gus, and, of course, moving all over the place.  We hoped that seeing this would motivate Gus, didn't.

And then, Sunday afternoon, after naps, we walked to a park and enjoyed the evening.  Bill took these pictures of Gus swinging.  Also, you can't quite tell in these pictures because it is windy, but Gus's hair is getting curly in this humid weather.

Daddy had to get in  on the fun!

After we got home last night we grilled and had a fun skype conversation with Bubba, Pappy, Pops, and Mimi.  It looks like it is going to be another beautiful week!

Hope you are well!
Nancy and Gus

PS--I realize that I am putting some pictures on my other blog (one I just started with my sister Maria about Catholic motherhood) and not posting them here.  I'd love it if you visited that blog too!  It is a lot of projects and reflections.


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