Monday, March 5, 2012

A Saturday out of the house

The whole family was feeling a little stir-crazy after a week of Bill being sick and us all stuck in the house together.  So, Saturday we were determined to get out...but it was really cold with a terrible wind.  We thought about it and decided that the only place to go outside of the house that was still indoors, was the mall, or more specifically, the Mall of America.

We really didn't do much shopping.  Bill bought a new case for his iphone and we had a nice meal, but other than that it was just nice to be together somewhere other than our house.  And of course we took along the camera.

Gus getting his first taste of frozen yogurt Ikea.

Before we left the mall we stopped by the Rain Forest Cafe and Gus really liked looking at all the pretty fish.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Bill is totally recovered from his illness, and my brother is celebrating being cancer free for 2 years!

Nancy and Gus

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