Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A few pictures from our time in Michigan

Just stopping by to share some shots of our time on the beach here in Michigan.  The weather has been beautiful and the kids have been cute.  Enjoy.

Bill and Baby enjoying a walk to the beach soon after we arrived

Gus playing with a big beach ball we bought. 

Gus loves to wade in the water and play on the rocks. 

Gus making his debut with his new hit song, "Cheese and Rocks!"
We've had tons of ice cream

And we even got a tiny pony-tail in Baby's tail, can you see it?  She is also wearing her new tie-dye shirt!

Best picture ever?  Gus and Daddy snuggling after a swim.

Baby girl loves the sand!  And, she isn't even eating it!

Today we went up to Superior and sat on a beautiful beach.  Can you see the cliffs in the distance (reflected in Billy's sun glasses)?

Bother and sister hanging out on the beach!


All the cousins--minus the Librande's (WE MISS YOU THERESE, DAVID, and PATRICK!)

This even we once again headed to the beach, to enjoy sunset.

Here we are..walking into the sunset.
Hope this gave you a fun glimpse into our wonderful vacation!
Nancy and Billy

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