Monday, July 8, 2013

More PIctures from the Lake

This is turning into a big picture dump!  Bill left yesterday and we stayed.  We will be here through the week.  Here are a few more shots from our vacation.  Enjoy!
Gus and his best friend, Mary

The Lanoues and their impressive sand castle!

An evening at the public beach.

4th of July pictures--Gus missed out because he was napping.

Mary, Grandma and Rose

More fun on the beach.

Rose and Ruth

Dressed up for the 4th...on the 5th!

Thanks for cute clothes, Baba!

We also tie-dyed and wore them to the 4th of July parade (which was held on the 6th!)

Rose enjoying some parade candy

The last night Bill was here we went down to the light house.  Bill gave him a ride--and Gus made sure to hold on tight!

 And we did take a few family shots.

 and a few good shots of Bill with the kids!

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