Friday, July 12, 2013

Our second week in Michiga

This is going to be a huge picture dump!  I have been taking pictures all week, but especially tonight, and I can't wait to share them.  Billy is home waiting to see what his kids have been up to, so I am just going to dump!!

The rocks out in front of the Cabin

My mom played with the baby--and put a flower in her hair.

Here are some pictures from the boat ride we took to see the Pictured Rocks on Superior.  AMAZING!

Gus running down to the beach this morning.

Bernadette on the bridge behind the cabin.

This evening they all put on their tie dye and we walked down to the lighthouse again!

And Rose practiced walking!

Grandkid pictures!

We really missed Therese, David and Patrick tonight!

Who is the happiest baby ever?  Bernadette!

Gus and David got to be buddies!

And a few of the classic walking pictures.  This year Gus has mastered walking, so he gets to be on the end.

And Bernadette even got in on the fun!  These are standing pictures--not walking!



I made my parents pose for a quick picture.


After the lighthouse we went to Beautiful beach to play in the sand.  And,  Gus did a face plant!

Rose was getting a little grumpy.

Bernadette got lots of kisses.

And Gus gave me the greatest smile ever!
We are headed home tomorrow and so so so excited to see Billy/daddy!
Nancy, Gus and Bernadette

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