Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Major Picture Dump!

I am so sorry I have been so slacky on this blog.  Prepare yourself!  Here come the massive picture dump.  I will try to add some narration so that this makes a little more sense.

Baby girl and some lilacs

Shopping trip to Sam's Club!

Baby gets a wild ride in the swing

Gus helps daddy grill up some wings in his new apron

And, we have really, really been enjoying watermelon this summer!

And then, while Bill was traveling for work, we headed to Marshall and has some fun with Ruth, her kids and my parents.

Ruth and Rose

Baby girl loves to swing!

Hanging out at Ruth's

We also went for a dip at a State Park.  Since Gus is such a wild man around water I didn't get very many pictures...

And, at Ruth's house there are baby kitties!  We got some good shots with the baby girl!

Then we went for a walk in the pasture.  Gus loves his Grandma!

Then, whether he wanted to or not, David was determined that Gus learn to ride a bike.

 And here are some pictures of the little stinker himself--shorting his long hair. 
 I took some more cute ones today, and I will try to get them up here soon!

--nancy, bill, Gus and BB

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