Friday, September 21, 2012

Water, Ducks and Rocks!

Here is what gets us really excited: The park by our house (which is on a Lake) just put in a public dock, AND there are lots of duck and geese on this lake, AND there are lots of little stone to throw into the lake.  Really, does life get any better?

On Wednesday Gus and I walked over and spent a good long time out on the dock.  Even though I brought a bucket and filled it with stones for him to throw into the lake, he insisted on running up and down the dock to get one stone at a time to throw into the lake.  When each rock splashed into the lake it was followed by big belly laughs.  A good time, but he wore himself out and went to bed early that night.

I had to share these because I was so pleased with the lighting.  

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Nancy and Gus

Running back to get more stones.

This is Gus's latest dance move.  When I sing to him his just moves his head back and forth (and excepts me to do the same).  His other sweet dance move I've been seeing a lot of lately is this really quick march in place.  He just might grow up to be as cool as mom and dad.

Finally, thanks to Bubba for the gear!  He does look good in Black and Yellow, doesn't he!

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