Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pictures from the weekend--finally!

Is it already Wednesday night?!? I am so sorry that these pictures are so slow in coming.  We went to the park on Friday afternoon and then again on Saturday morning with daddy.  The park is only a few blocks from our house, and although Gus' really only likes to climb up and down the stairs over and over, we have fun there, especially when daddy is along!

One of the fun things about the park is that it is only a little lake.  Gus loves to walk down to the end of the dock and look at all the ducks and geese (it isn't a very clear lake!)

And then, Daddy and Gus went down the BIG slide!

They were going a little fast at the end...but Billy reacted quickly!  Gus wasn't interested in going down again, though.

He did, however, enjoy lots of other slides!

All and all it was a fun weekend, although busy!  There was a baby shower, birthday party, my brother moved into seminary and Billy's uncle Bob moved to Minnesota.  All good things, and we are happy to have some of Bill's family near-by.

It was a cold day today, and a super hot day yesterday, so we haven't taken any pictures yet this week.  I will get on it!  Also, please remember Gus in your prayers on Friday.  His surgery is scheduled for 10:45am.  Also, keep Bill and I in your prayers--we probably will have a harder time with this than Gus!  We went to the hospital on Monday night for a tour and to ask questions.  I left feeling better and worse.  He will be well cared for, but surgery is a big deal.  I can't believe we have to do this to my little boy!  But we are reassured that it will be a simple procedure and that other than this he is in perfect health.  Chances are he is just going to have a few uncomfortable days coming up here.

Thats all for now.

Nancy and Billy

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  1. We love that park! When we biked home from school, we always stopped there. Maybe due to lack of parking but we rarely saw anyone there.

    Amy Fisher