Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A weekend with Baba and Pappy

We were lucky enough to have two special house guests this weekend: Bill's parents, Baba and Pappy. It was a low-key weekend, full of food, backyard fun and relaxation.  Gus was very happy to have two new playmates and the time went much too quickly.  Here are a few of the shots we got while they were here.

Out in the yard playing right when the grandparents first arrived.

Relaxing after an afternoon at the splash park.

Swinging with Baba

The story of going down the slide...

How many adults does it take to get Gus down the slide...evidently 3!

 After dinner.  Notice the war-wound he picked up at the splash park!

Playing at the park Saturday morning.

Yard games Saturday afternoon.

Snuggling in his rocking chair with blanket and monkey Sunday morning.

Blowing bubbles Sunday afternoon.

Playing with all his new toys from his adoring grandparents.

It was a wonderful trip!  Thanks for all the fun and the memories,
Nancy, Billy and Gus

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  1. Aw how much fun is nanny and grandad ?!
    Josh goes to his nanny and grandad's every Friday while I work and I know all too well that he goes there and gets absolutly spoilt lol
    Your little boy is so adorable with his monkey and blanket x x