Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gus's first taste of watermelon

On Monday Gus and I bought our first watermelon of the season.  First thing we did when we got home was crack it open and see how we did.  Well, it is a good one, and Gus has been enjoying his first taste of watermelon.

His new super silly smile.

This is one of his new things, pretending to be shy.

Also, yesterday Gus started to crawl (sort of).  I have to bait him with these yogurt melts that he loves, but if he wants something bad enough he will get up on all fours and get moving.  In fact, I just sat him at the back of our office so I could post this and in about 2 minutes he had crawled his way up here and has pulled himself up and is pushing on the keyboard...making this difficult to write!  

Have a good Wednesday,
Nancy and Gus

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