Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The big party!

On Saturday we had what turned out to be a big 1st birthday party for Gus.  All sorts of people came: family, friends, neighbors...  We didn't get the camera out as much as I would have liked to.  I really would have like to have taken a picture of all the kids that showed up.  There was a herd of kids.  13 total, I believe.  Here are a few pictures that we did take.

In his fancy new outfit from Aunt Tina

Riding his new vroom vroom (Thanks Aunt Paula) with the help of cousin Dave.

The fancy birthday cake Bubba made.

He didn't get as messy as we thought he would!

Opening presents with some help!

Okay we have reached total melt down.  There are just a couple more pictures, but they will have to wait.

Nancy and Gus

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  1. It was a great party!! Thanks for inviting us! I think Everett had the most fun going up and down your stairs! :)