Monday, May 14, 2012

a few pictures from Bill's phone

I was looking around on Bill's phone and realized that he has some pictures I have yet to share.  Here they are:
A week ago we hosted a party for my cousin Jeri, who has lived in Seattle for the last 11 years.  Lots of family showed up and here is a picture of all the women: Grandma Anne, Grace, Rita, Retarra, Ida, Mary, Jennifer, Shannon, me, Ida M. and Jeri Anne.  

Gus on his bike wearing his shirt from cousin Nick's college.

Bill took off work on Friday and we went to the Minnehaha falls in Minneapolis.  More pictures from this trip to come.

Finally, Gus with his cousins Jack and Owen at Jeri's party.  The boys were party-animals that night.  They closed down the party at 10pm!  

And finally, here is an old pictures just so you can see how Jack and Own have changed!  Gus is 5 days younger than the twins.  In this picture they are about 1 and a half months old.  Gus is in the middle and Jack and Owen are the wrapped babies on the bottom.  A lot has changed since last July!

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