Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pictures from the last couple days

We have been living a pretty quiet, basic life lately.  Here are a mess of pictures I have snapped, mostly around the house, the last couple days.


A few pictures of our pretty boy in front of the bay window.

Friday night (well, early evening actually) out at the bar.  Are we bad parents?

With Phil

And Maire

Well, at least Gus thinks that having an old flip phone is really cool!

Gus's "attempts at crawling..."

This is what happens shortly after I put him on his stomach.

Happy boy downstairs helping mom with one of her many projects.

Gus sitting on the kitchen floor playing with his new tool set while I make dinner.

And that is about all we have been up to lately.  Bill and I are working on painting our basement and turning it into a playroom.  I am making a rug out of Bill's old t-shirts, and although it is slowly coming together, I think it will turn out well and it will add a lot of color to our future playroom.  Also, Gus has decided he loves carrots.  I cooked up a whole bunch of carrots yesterday and he can't seem to get enough of them.  He still isn't very interested in moving, and we are beginning to wonder if he will ever crawl.  Every day we try to get him moving...but I just know that as soon as he does start moving I am going to long for these days when I can put him down and he stays put!  Finally, please say a little prayer for Bill today.  He is under a lot of stress at work.  It is budget time!

We love you all,
Nancy and Bill and Gus

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