Wednesday, January 11, 2012

birthday party fun and looking out the window

Good morning!
Here are just a few pictures.  Last Saturday we went to a birthday party for my cousin's three boys (one 3 yr old and twins that turned one). The party was at an indoor play place and even little Gus got in on the fun!

and yes, these are pictures of Gus standing on his own!

And finally, here are some pictures of Gus looking out the window--one of his favorite things to do!  As you can see, he isn't into crawling or rolling, but he loves pulling on things and standing up next to them.

Have a good day!  We love you and miss you all!

PS, it was over 50 degrees here yesterday (January in Minnesota!!!), but the weather man says it will be looking and feeling like a real winter by this time tomorrow.  

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