Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marshall Pictures #2

I hope you are prepared for another picture dump!  We are still in Marshall and are headed to Kansas City tomorrow to bring Susan back.  It has been a great time, full of family, fun, memories, food and snow.  Here is a quick summary of what we've been up to:
My sister burned the paper Susan...that my mom made for my wedding and has been hanging out at the farm ever since.

Then we did a craft! We made shrines for Mary for the Month of May

Gus really got into the painting!

We all went to mass together on Saturday and John served.


oh!  And Bill flew in and then drove down LATE Friday night.  Gus was THRILLED see him!  But, then the weather got messy again and he had to leave on Saturday night.  He was in Portland last week, and will be in Seattle this week.  He is liking his new job, but we miss him!

Grandma Anne


Finally, a picture of me with the kids!


Baby Girl!

The girl cousins!

We tried, once again, to get a family pic...and this is the best we could get.  Gus is just not into pictures right now!

Susan with all of the grandkids!

The Librandes, here all the way from El Paso


The whole crew after mass.  Only Joe is missing!

Gus and little Dave out on the four-wheeler

And then Uncle Paul came out to give kids a ride

We also ended up taking some pictures after mass this morning!  Here are the Lanoues.

All of my siblings

And after mass we headed over to Grandma Anne's for a HUGE brunch.  Baby spit up on herself (who saw that coming?!?) so she had some diaper time with grandpa!

Maria and Patty

Okay--that's all for now.  the next instillation of pictures will include pictures from our trip to Kansas City!


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